Monday, 10 March 2014

DNS Hijacking with 000Webhost

Finding Target

1- Singup for an account at

2- Create a new site, just use the subdomain,for example mine was : 

Exploiting Target

1- Now Go to CPanel and Look for IP Adress, you'll get something like ""

2- Now Goto Bing .com and type dork ip: you want .gov .edu or any other particular domain then dork should be " ip: .gov " or " ip: .edu "

Server 1 with 253 ips -

Server 2 with with 253 ips -

Server 3 with 242 ips -

3- Let say our result/target is , simply add abcd or anything you like in front of the URL, so it would be like this

and you will get this error page

4- Now go to your Cpanel at 000webhost and park a subdomain 

 5- Now go to public_html and upload your deface page. :D